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Meet the Doulas

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Ronsha Dickerson


Doula Trainer

Ronsha, a community organizer, activist, social injustice change agent, and Supervisor of CDOSJ. Ronsha's leadership has led an outstanding group of community-based doulas in South Jersey area. She is also a Certified Perinatal Doula and Trainer.


Jodi Green

Admin. and Professional Development Coach

Doula Trainer

Jodi, Administrator and Professional Development Coach for our team. Being a Certified Perinatal Doula for over 19+ years, Jodi is able to lend her extensive knowledge in birth work and help our team grow. 


Helen Hill

Perinatal Doula servicing Camden City

Helen, our loving Assistant Supervisor who has dedicated her love of helping others in their daily lives. She has a specialty in Massage Therapy and also a Certified Perinatal Doula.


Angela Turner

Lead Perinatal Doula- Camden County/South Jersey- Program Coordinator

Perinatal Doula & Childbirth Educator certified through Uzazi Village. Serving South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Angela has a passion for creative ways to birth your way. From birthplans to overnight feedings, Angela creates the energy space for empowerment and freedom.


Tamara Etheridge

Lead Perinatal Doula- Camden County/South Jersey- Program Coordinator

Certified Perinatal Doula servicing Atlantic City.


Giovonna Clifton

Perinatal Doula

Community Outreach Coordinator

As a perinatal doula with a passion for labor support, Giovonna gives head, heart, and hands in dedicated services to families in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area. With a balance of wisdom, humor, and nurturing care, Gi provides information, education, and supportive guidance for pregnant people in informed decision-making. Giovonna is the support person every pregnant person needs on their care team.


Alynson Anderson-Sloan

Perinatal Doula

A Willingboro resident who seeks love and compassion when servicing clients. After watching too many women having traumatic       experiences, this Doula vowed to educate herself to help and make change. Alynson, a Certified Perinatal Doula servicing South Jersey.


Cynthia Hillocks

Perinatal Doula

Cynthia, a native New Yorker, has committed herself to advocate with and for women of color in disparaged communities in Camden and Atlantic County. She has a passion for essential care and offers plant-based nutritional guides and alternatives. She is a Certified Perinatal Doula servicing South Jersey.

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Tanya Williams

Perinatal Doula

Tanya's heart for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period began with the birth of the first of her 6 children. She believes in nurturing, empowering and preparing women for the entire process. Tanya is a Certified Perinatal Doula servicing South Jersey, Community Health worker, and teaches ESL classes online.


Iyonia Guinyard

Perinatal Doula

Welcoming new life with Light & Love. Certified Perinatal Doula, Iyonia- Shavon offers education and comfort with a soothing voice, gentle touches, and a warm smile from start to finish.

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Veronica Briggs

Perinatal Doula

Veronica is a South Jersey community organizer, birth worker, and business owner. She was called to the work to provide support in birth and beyond. Facing many hardships and obstacles in her pregnancies, Veronica wants to ensure parents receive quality care and encouragement to trust their intuition.


Vernee Jones

Perinatal Doula

Certified Perinatal Doula servicing Atlantic City area.


Oluwatoyin Ogundare

Perinatal Doula

Certified Perinatal Doula servicing South Jersey area.


Angelique Haynesworth

Perinatal Doula

Certified Perinatal Doula servicing South Jersey.


Nefertiti Hathaway

Perinatal Doula

Alumna of Lincoln University with a degree in human service. very invovled in the community because I believe we are stronger together than we are apart. I am because we are UBUNTU. Certified Perinatal Doula servicing Atlantic City area.


Ariel Streator

Perinatal Doula

Ariel is a South Carolina native, wife, mother, wholistic nutrition advisor and Certified Perinatal Doula. When she's not caring for her husband and children, Ariel spends her time educating others on the importance of nutritional wellness and also finding ways to insure others to live naturally and wholistically. She is servicing South Jersey area.

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